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Who we are

R28 offers brand, business and corporate development from a pool of expertise and know-how around co-founders Sabine Schweigert and Stefan Wacker.

We turn business ideas into successful ventures and civic brands by using a blend of design, organizational and strategic methods, passion, empathy and creativity to shape all phases of this process.

New European Bauhaus

“The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.”

R28 is committed to the values and goals of the New European Bauhaus and is part of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Community of Friends.

Our Expertise

For more than twenty years:

Strategy processes

Customer centric innovation

Service design and platform design

Branding and positioning

Marketing and communication

Civic Brand Actions

Entrepreneurship and business succession

Being R28


What we do

As needed, R28 offers the full range of services for Venture Development or individual services to develop new or further develop existing brands and business ideas, and thereby position companies.

Our Services

Customer Research and Service Design

Prototyping and validation

Market and competition analysis

Development of business models

Branding and positioning

Development of business plans

Market entry strategy

Marketing and communication

Design of an investors’ pitch

Contact with venture capitalists and venture builders


What drives us

Civic Brands are brands and companies that bear social responsibility, while Brand Activism involves measures that communicate a brand or company’s purpose and attitude towards socially relevant issues. It is hard to imagine modern marketing and brand positioning without these concepts.

How we drive you

At R28, we combine Civic Brands and Brand Activism to create “Civic Brand Actions“: activities that bring the values and attitude of brands, projects, and companies to life.

We develop consistent communication measures, event formats and concepts, editorial content, and much more. We tailor topics according to the target group, activate internal and external players and experts, involve and strengthen your community, and enable participation from both your internal teams and your customers and users.
Depending on the project, we provide individual and tailor-made solutions.

Where we take effect

Ideas and concepts, platform and community projects, business models and development: the nature of our reference projects is multi-faceted, but always ambitious.

Experiencing R28

#SDNue Social Design Nürnberg

Social design starts with dialogue, so #SDNue thinks and therefore creates a blog, a forum, a community and lots of special content around the thematic and disciplinary diversity of social design. Conceived and implemented by R28.

Requirements: Conception, prototyping, validation and implementation of the initiative.

Services: full range of services with a focus on civic brand action and content

Experiencing R28


Winner of the German Demography Award 2021, special prize Next Practice.

Hybrid platform and network concept as well as information portal for silver agers. In the face of demographic change, collaborative elective affinities for self-determined and active aging are to be promoted in a network of like-minded people. Conceived and presented by R28.

Requirements: Concept, pitch

Services: Concept, platform development, brand identity.

R28 Arbeitsreferenz Archiproducts.com
Experiencing R28


Founded in Italy, Archiproducts.com is the leading international platform for design, interior architecture and architecture for the private and contract sectors and includes an e-commerce and online magazine in addition to a product database.

Requirements: Expansion of presence in the German-speaking market.

Services: Diversification and localization of editorial content, development of a German-language editorial team, networking with German-speaking companies, associations and other players, strengthening brand presence and awareness in the DACH region.

Service Design Summit
Experiencing R28


Event series spanning four years from 2016 to 2019. Tool School, Academy, and Innovation Camp featuring real challenges from selected companies. Collaborative format for training in methods on “live objects”.

Requirements: New forms of practice-oriented teaching of innovation methods.

Services: Event concept, marketing, sales, organization, and moderation.

R28 Arbeitsreferenz Lnkngo
Experiencing R28


Startup with an AI-based online tool for social media selling and content aggregation from existing channels like Instagram, Youtube, own blog etc.

Requirements: Product market fit, scaling.

Services: Elaboration of business model, market entry strategy, positioning, investor search.

Experiencing R28


A 9-month strategy process for a regional banking group. Starting with a one-week bootcamp to develop the “Digitalization Roadmap”. Development of business models and organizational structures. Facilitation of decision making for funding and founding a FinTech.

Requirements: Conception and implementation of the strategy process, business model development, stakeholder management.

Services: Lead Coach, Strategy Design, Moderation, Business Models of the Platform Economy.

Experiencing R28


Our PR and Media Relations, Marketing & Communications agency, based in Milan, was active between 2004 and 2015. With a team of up to 10 people, pix+txt supported International clients from Italy and Europe, North and South America, North Africa and Middle East, and Asia in various aspects of communications and press relations, PR and digital PR, marketing and public relations, events and trade shows.

Industries: Design & Architecture, Building & Construction, HVAC & Energy.

Among our clients: Matteo Thun & Partners, 3M, de Sede, Viega Italia, Solidpower, Accoya, Siemens Gigaset, Younicos, Serralves Foundation, Scuola Politecnica di Design.

Logo des Co-Cooking Konzepts CoCoo von R28 / Sabine Schweigert und Stefan Wacker
Experiencing R28


Platform concept that brings co-working into the kitchen and gastronomy, and opens up new perspectives for restaurant owners with infrastructure and chefs with a desire for low-threshold entry into their own culinary offerings. The final customer should thus be offered more variety and convenience when ordering.

Requirements: full range of services

Services: Concept, platform business model.

Experiencing R28


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